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St Jordan's Day - Epiphany


On January 6, John the Baptist baptizes God's son Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan River. The holiday was celebrated as early as in the 2nd century, but until the 4th century it was connected with Christmas (December 25). Taken together the two holidays, Baptism and Christmas, are called Epiphany because it was for the first time during the baptizing in the Jordan River that Christ had revealed Himself in flesh to the world. According to the biblical texts, the Jewish custom demanded that a teacher or s priest should turn 30 before they begin their social activities as preachers. Jesus was about 30 when He received baptism from His forerunner John the Baptist.

According to the Christian Church, baptism washes away sin and spiritually purifies people. "I baptize with water, said John, but there is One Whom I am unworthy of unfastening the shoes of". Christ came from Galilee to the Jordan River in order to be baptized by John the Forerunner. In fact it was during the baptizing that the connection with the Holy Trinity became Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Father God was only voice and everybody heard Him; Holy Spirit worked on the sight; white Son was half man, half god with an image in flesh and He manifested Himself after years of communion with the people. Epiphany is celebrated with a holy immersion of the cross. On that day the priests from the Orthodox temples throw a cross into the water, thus symbolizing the first baptism of Jesus by John. Jordan, Jordanka, and Dana celebrate that day.