In your holiday in Bulgaria you will appreciate our dramatic mountains, haven-like monasteries, Roman and Byzantine ruins, and the excellent coffee you'll be offered wherever you go!
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Mountain Resorts

Mountains represent the beauty of Bulgaria. They include 28% of the territory of the country. Geographic variety, diversity of plant and animal species, peaks, valleys, rivers, lakes, pretty towns and villages are the basic strokes which describe the unique picture of the Bulgarian mountain resorts. Established at the end of the 19th century, they have been constantly developing and renovating. There is a great number of hotels, chalets and holiday houses built in the mountains all over the country. Most of them are prepared to shelter guests during the whole year. They are supplied with modern facilities for summer and winter tourism - marked routes, paths, shelters, chalets, ski tracks, lifts, rope-lines, etc.

More famous resort centres are: Borovec /Rila/, Pamporovo /the Rhodopes/, Bansko /Pirin/, Vitosha, Jundola /the Rhodopes/, Tryavna, Gabrovo, Aprilci, Troyan, Teteven /Stara Planina/.
The gråàt variety of services give an opportunity to the tourists to choose the way they want to spend their holiday - holiday tours, excursions, alpinism, excursions to natural and historical landmarks, winter sports. Resting in old Bulgarian houses, situated in small mountain villages, is an unforgettable experience.

The developed internel transport is an extra convenience for the tourists.